Those who have been active on the internet for the past ten years will probably have noticed the increase in the number of men from western countries dating and marrying mail order brides, especially Russian mail order brides. This is an extension of a trend that predates the online phase; most of the courtship processes were channeled through dating agencies early on.

Nowadays, there are hundreds of services that allow you to browse profiles of different women in hopes of finding the love of your life. And the scope has expanded to include Ukrainian women too. Amongst the plethora of online dating services Victoria Brides is. It is neither the most prestigious nor one of the pioneering online dating services, but being fair with its users, it still attracts a lot of young single men looking for a relationship with Eastern European women.

VictoriaBrides was first brought online in 2013 and has since sought to help connect soulmates who were separated by geography. This article is a Victoria Brides review that should help newcomers to the online dating scene navigate the many services available out there. We help make better decisions taking into consideration the fact that most of these services are not free.

First Impression

Once you are landing the website, a short welcoming message is greeting you. It briefly explains the services offered by Victoria Brides and promises to try and help you achieve your goals of meeting the right person for you.

Next, you can see a small chart detailing how the service works, starting from registration, down to searching profiles, and then finally messaging those whom you find interesting enough, giving you the options to send emails, chat, a wink, or even a gift.

Then at the bottom of the page, you can see the links to other information such as billing and an “About Us” page.

You will also see the payment method the service accepts.

How Do You Set up Your Profile?

So now, we move on to setting up a profile and begin looking for that special woman. To do that, you will need your personal account to store your data and media. The sign-up form is pretty straightforward and easy to fill out. You will be asked to provide primary data about yourself, such as your romantic interests, your name, date of birth, and a preferred email and password.

After filling the form, you will be asked a few questions to better filter search results to be tailored specifically for you, questions like what your idea of an ideal woman is, dating expectations and beliefs.

Finally, you get to add a photo of yourself as a profile picture. You’ll be able to select from pre-existing photos of yourself, or you could take one via your webcam or selfie camera if you are registering from your mobile device. It is crucial to add a profile picture as soon as possible to increase your likelihood of being found in search results of other users.

Once the registration process is complete, you are immediately directed to a gallery of profiles that match your preferred parameters, the ones specified during the registration process.

At this point, you are ready to start checking out the profiles of ladies who manage to catch your interest. The profiles on Victoria Brides are well fleshed out and detailed, including details such as age, status, job, physical attributes, and location. You will also be able to access each user’s gallery of photos.

If you appreciate what you see in a profile, you may then go ahead and try to make contact by either text or live chat.

How Do You Search and Sort Ladies?

Victoria Brides has managed to accumulate a diverse collection of profiles for you to choose from. It is possible, however, to narrow your search down even further with the search function available on the site.

On the search engine, you get to specify some details that should help tailor search results to you. The fields include:

  • Country
  • Marital Status
  • Religion
  • Drinking
  • City
  • Children
  • Age range
  • Smoker status.
  • Level of Education.
  • Validation and Online status.

How Do You Communicate?

Communication on Victoria Brides is achieved through chat, mail, and live chat/video call. In the chat field, you also have the added function of sending and receiving photos. You can send and receive virtual presents, send a wink, like exciting profiles, and add users to your favorite list.

Does Service Have a Mobile App?

Unfortunately, the platform does not have a mobile app available on any of the app stores yet. However, the mobile version of their website is well designed and runs smoothly on any mobile device, so you will have no problem using it on any device.

Free Version Restrictions

For free users, the only thing you are enabled is to create and complete your profile and also browse the profiles of other Victoria Brides users. To fully enjoy the services offered by VictoriaBrides, you have to purchase credits. Instead of a monthly subscription, you can buy as many credits as you need, which is a cheaper alternative.

What Does a Paid Membership Offer?

Victoria Brides does not exactly offer a paid membership; however, to use features like text and mail to contact women, you find interesting, you will need to have purchased some credits.

Like most other online dating services, platform runs on cash for the credit-based system, which means you can purchase credits with real money to access their full range of services, some of which include:

  • Sending letters/texts costs thirty credits per letter.
  • Live chatting, which costs about two credits per minute.
  • Sending a virtual gift costs five credits.
  • Sending a real gift costs two hundred and eighty credits.

The credits sales in five packages ranging from twenty to seven hundred and fifty:

  • Twenty (20) credits cost 9.99 US dollars.
  • Fifty (50) credits cost 28.99 US dollars.
  • One hundred and twenty-five (125) credits go for 64.99 US dollars.
  • Two hundred and fifty (250) credits go for 99.99 US dollars.
  • Seven hundred and fifty (750) credits go for 214.99 US dollars.

With the 20 credit package, you cannot afford to send even a simple letter, so it would be best to invest in at least 125 credits to fully enjoy these services. You can also set it to purchase credits when you run out automatically.

Pros and Cons of VictoriaBrides

Now we compare the great things and the not so great about Victoria Brides:


  • The registration process is fast and easy.
  • Their search engine is quite detailed.
  • There is a large amount of verified profiles to browse through.
  • Desktop and Mobile versions of the website are both excellent and easy to navigate with no spam or click-bait links.
  • Customer service is available at all times.
  • Top grade data protection system to guard against hackers.
  • The profiles are as detailed as possible to help get a picture of the person behind the profile.


  • Some of the services (e.g. texting) are very expensive.
  • There is no dedicated mobile app on any app store.

Customer Support

Victoria Brides has a 24/7 support staff that can contacts at any time for any issue. They also have a perfect moderation system to ensure users follow the rules laid out at registration.

There is a support bubble at the bottom of the screen in which you can make your complaint at any time. Be sure to include your email address as this will be used to alert you of a reply, you can also add your name and ID number, but those are optional. The customer support will try to address your complaints as soon as they can.


Rounding up, this dating site is an excellent launching platform into the world of online dating. They have successfully brought great offerings of Eastern European women to the rest of the world.

Signing up is easy and very quick, and instead of paying a monthly subscription for services, you may not even use that often. You can spend your credits only on the services that suit your particular needs.

The platform has excellent data protection. However, it is still advisable to exercise caution as online dating services like this one are not immune to fake accounts and would-be fraud artists. That is why the validation system is relevant.