Japan Mail Order Bride: How To Find Your Perfect Date From Japan?

Nowadays, more and more guys from the United States wish to meet a Japanese woman for marriage online. Their popularity allows girls from this country to seek international marriage safely and quickly. It should be noted that Japan has a different culture compared to American. Even though Western values and traditions have been slowly infiltrating Japanese principles and foundations, it is paramount to understand that to date a Japanese girl for marriage, one should learn a lot about them.

In this article, we will share unique and useful information about who these magnificent ladies are, current statistical data on marriages in Japan, whether you should be concerned about your religious differences, what perspectives on relationships Japanese wives have, and what main benefits of dating a woman from this country are. We hope you will enjoy reading this guide and that it will help you meet your ideal Japanese bride!

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Who are Japanese mail order brides?

First, let’s mention a few things about who these girls are. Japanese women for marriage use online dating services to meet with a nice guy from the United States or Canada to have real and long-lasting relationships. Although at first, the communication occurs in a virtual environment, most relationships with Japanese girls for marriage end up with real-life dates and, consequently, marriages.

These are real women, some of whom are employed, and some may pursue education or live with their parents. They use online dating for various reasons, one of which could be the simplicity and effectiveness of online communication. Notably, such form of interaction is widely popular among younger generations of Japanese girls for marriage.

japanese beautiful girl

Japanese marriage statistics

2018 was the year when the number of people in Japan getting married reached its lowest level. Indeed, fewer and fewer people get married in Japan. Specifically, women are not eager to marry local Japanese men because it is instilled the idea of traditional social family roles, according to which Japanese brides and mothers are expected to be solely responsible for household chores. However, please do not feel discouraged, as the state of international and online marriages in Japan represent a completely different situation, and we are going to cover the state of international and intercultural communication among Japanese girls for marriage! Right now, let’s take a look at Japanese marriage statistics.

How many people in Japan are married?

The decline of people getting married in Japan is the real deal. Between 1990 and 2010, the number of 50-year-old women who had never been married doubled! Moreover, it is predicted that more women are going to stay single by the year 2035. The main reason for such a situation is the old traditions that younger generations do not want to carry on. Traditional family roles force women to abandon ideas of pursuing careers and education since it takes too much. According to the 2010 census, almost 60% of Japan’s adult population is married, but as it has been mentioned above, younger generations are less likely to start families.

Age of first marriage

It is also essential to mention a few words regarding the average age of getting married. One may understand that modern values and views on how to live life can contradict traditional perspectives on the concepts of marriage and family. Indeed, more people in Japan are inclined to pursue careers and education rather than the idea of starting a family. In particular, the average age at first marriage in Japan is the highest among all Asian countries – 29 for women. Again, the reasons to postpone getting married are various, but most of the time it is the unwillingness to sacrifice work or education to the family.

International marriages

Sure, the information above can make you feel that Japanese mail order brides would be unwilling to marry you. However, it is not the case! Japanese girls for marriage desire to meet a man who will appreciate their individuality, creativity, and independence. A typical Japan mail order bride wishes to meet a man from the United States because it is the country with more liberal perspectives on marriage and family. Although international marriages have also shown a decline, it is possible to say that almost 20% of international grooms in Japan come from the United States.

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Benefits of marrying a Japanese woman for marriage

Let’s consider what makes girls from this country so appealing and desirable! Indeed, plenty of guys from the United States, Canada, Europe, and basically any other country dream of dating and marrying a Japan mail order bride. Let’s figure out how these women can win over so many men around the world!

  1. Japanese women for marriage are attractive. Undoubtedly, the physical appearance of girls from this country is the most common reason to date and marry them. Japanese beauties have elegant and petite figures, gorgeous eyes, and symmetrical faces. The majority of Japanese wives are quite small and slim. Porcelain-like skin makes them look like dolls.
  2. Unique behavior. As it has been stated earlier, ladies from this country are quite shy and humble. Indeed, such character can be explained by living in a country where people are expected to act in such a way. Plenty of guys from the United States want to date and marry Japanese wives because they are so shy and humble.
  3. Girls from this country are kind, honest, and loyal. The development of serious relationships requires having a partner with the right values and moral principles. What makes women from this country so appealing is the fact that it is simply enjoyable and pleasant to communicate with them. They are kind and honest – they will tell you everything as it is. However, what makes them different from Scandinavian or Latin brides who are also honest, is the reason that a Japanese bride is more tolerant and tactful – if something can offend you, your bride will find the right words to tell you the truth but avoid saying something abusive or rude. It is also paramount to say since marriage and serious relationships are something that requires a lot of preparation for Japanese brides, once they commit to you, you can be sure that your bride will be 100% loyal.

Religion in Japan: does it matter?

While religion had played an invaluable role in the development of the Japanese nation, it is possible to say that now it is not the case. Of course, more than half of the population of Japan is considered to be religious, but the purpose of religion has shifted. Shinto and Buddhism are Japan’s major religions, and both of them peacefully co-exist with each other. With the infiltration of Western values and traditions, religion in Japan has lost its significance and influence. In particular, Japanese people only follow religious rituals when it is needed. For instance, celebrations, ceremonies, or festivals may include some religious acts, but apart from that, Japanese people are not too spiritual.

It is paramount to note that the whole concept of weddings contained a lot of traditional Japanese sacred elements. However, in recent decades, Western traditions and customs have been introduced to Japanese weddings. Christian ceremonies have become a part of the wedding process. Although a lot of couples are getting married in Shinto shrines, it is not a surprise to see a Japan mail order bride and a foreign man getting married at a Christian church even if the Japanese bride is not Christian.

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Largest cities in Japan

Well, now that we have covered a few things about Japanese culture and what you need to know to have a wonderful date with a Japanese woman for marriage, let’s discuss the largest urban areas in Japan. It should be stated that the majority of Japanese brides come from urban areas – online dating services are not as popular among rural populations as it is among dwellers of large cities. So, let’s figure out where you can find your future Japanese girl for marriage!

  • Tokyo. The capital city of Japan, Tokyo, is definitely the most popular place to find a Japanese bride. This is the most populated city in the country, with over 9 million people living within the 23 wards. Many Japanese women for marriage that you will find are going to be from this city, there is no point in denying that.
  • Yokohama. This is the second-largest city in Japan. It is located near Tokyo, although due to its size and population, it is considered to be a city of its own. More than 3.7 million individuals live in this city. This is also a very developed and prominent city known for its ports.
  • Osaka. Osaka is the third-largest city in the country. This is the heart of the Japanese economy. Apart from the fact that it represents a vital economic center of the country, Osaka is also a large center of Japanese culture. It is a vibrant and colorful city with numerous Japanese mail order brides.
  • Nagoya. Lastly, let’s mention Nagoya – an industrial and cultural center of Japan. Plenty of girls from this city are looking for a chance to meet a guy from the United States.

Views of relationships: how to date a Japanese girl for marriage?

It is vital to understand that the culture of Japan is different than American culture. Therefore, there are plenty of differences in views and attitudes toward various social concepts. Relationships and communication are two major aspects of social interaction that should be mentioned. In this article, we are going to tell you how to date a Japanese girl for marriage and what you should know to have flawless communication with her!

Tell about your feelings explicitly

Even though online dating service implies developing romantic relationships, it is important to understand that according to Japanese culture, you need to confess and recognize your feelings to your date properly. Your Japanese girl for marriage may think that you are having a great time communicating with her without any serious intentions.

Japanese brides may have difficulties expressing love

These women are quite shy and humble. It is quite difficult for them to tell things like “I love you” as easily as Western people. In case you see that your date does not explicitly tell you that she loves you, it may not because she feels that way, but because she is just accustomed to behaving in such a way. Her actions will tell you if she has developed serious feelings for you!

Marriage can only occur if a Japanese bride is absolutely sure in her man

Japanese wives tend to be marriage-conscious. In other words, a woman from this country would not date a man who is not marriage-material. No need to waste a lot of time on dating if a Japanese bride does not see the potential of creating a family.

japanese wife

Views on online dating

Since we discuss online communication with gorgeous Japanese mail order brides, one can agree that views on online communication and various dating apps should be brought up. Dating apps and online dating services have become mainstream in Japan quite only recently. Although a lot of Japanese women for marriage consider using online dating, this concept is still viewed with skepticism due to the increasing amount of fraud and scam. Nevertheless, seeing the opportunities to escape from the patriarchal society of modern Japan, a huge number of Japanese girls for marriage are trying to seek a suitable husband via online dating services.

There is no need to discuss dating applications such as Tinder since they are used for more casual and short-term relationships, which an average Japanese bride is not looking for. Instead, a girl from this country is eager to use services that can offer her an opportunity to communicate with a man who is mature, open-minded, and confident, and who will appreciate her decision to pursue a career or education!