Brazilian Girls for Marriage: Are They So Good?

Dating Brazilian women can be a wonderful experience, and we would like to share a few facts and tips on how to have flawless dates with Brazil brides. In this article, you will find a general description of how dating services work, a few cultural and religious peculiarities of mail order brides from Brazil, what makes a Brazilian girl for marriage so appealing, and plenty of other relevant and helpful information. Rest assured, this guide is the perfect way to discover about wives from this country and how to get them!

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Who are Brazilian mail order brides?

Out of 209 million people living in Brazil, more than 106.4 million are women. This is more than a half, which makes it quite understandable why so many girls become mail order brides. These women simply do not have enough suitable and worthy men who can marry them! Sexual and physical violence are the most important issues facing women and girls in Brazil – they define more than 70% of problems that all women in Brazil face. Thus, girls from this country seek a kind, educated, and intelligent man from the abroad who would not act like local Brazilian men.

brazilian wife

How do mail order bride websites work?

Let’s start with the definition of an online dating platform. While some of you may know that mail bride portals help guys and girls to interact with and date each other online, some may decide to use online communication for the very first time. Rest assured, such a form of interaction is vastly intuitive and not complex. First of all, these services have nothing to do with human trafficking – everything is legal and moral. Millions of women from various regions, including Brazil, sign up on numerous dating websites to marry a foreign guy. Some sites may cater specifically to men who seek Brazilian girls for marriage, while others may offer women from different countries.

Cultural and religious peculiarities of Brazil?

Now that you understand a few things about how the whole process of seeking a Brazilian girl for marriage works, it is high time to figure out the cultural and religious peculiarities of women from this country. A colorful culture is what makes local mail order brides so popular and appealing!


When speaking about Brazilian culture, it is paramount to say that it revolves around festive and fun activities of social life. Music, festivals, and sport are the core of Brazilian culture. Samba is the most popular musical genre in Brazil – it defines the very soul of the country. Many brides from this country will enjoy discussing with you anything connected to festivals, carnivals, or songs.

Music without dances does not exist in Brazil! There are many styles in this country: samba, frevo, suscia, xaxado, lambada, and many more! Women dressed in gorgeous and intricate costumes perform exotic movements on the streets during carnivals and festivals are only the tip of an iceberg. Some ladies use these dances as a tool for empowerment as a way to combat discrimination and violence.

Lastly, let’s talk about sport. It is not a secret that football is the most popular sport in the country. Plenty of girls in Brazil enjoy going out and playing a few matches with friends. According to a survey conducted with mail brides, more than 70% of girls are eager to discuss anything related to this form of sport. So, here you have a great topic to discuss.

The only thing you need to understand is the fact that not every single Brazilian bride enjoys all these traditional things. You may ask whether your date is into any of those things, but do not be too pushy and assume that since she is Brazilian, she has to love them.


Brazil is a religious country. It has the largest population associated with some religions in Latin America. More than 90% of Brazilians follow a certain doctrine. It should be noted that there are plenty of religions in this country since Brazil is the land of mixed cultures and rich history of migrations from Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Approximately 60% of all Brazilians are Roman Catholics, 22% are Protestants, and the rest of the population are not religious or follow a spiritualistic philosophy. In recent years, Protestant denominations rose from 2.6% to 22.2%, while the popularity of Catholicism dropped from 95% to 64%.

Although many Brazilians are religious, one should understand that they are open-minded and accept communication with people of different religions. No one would disrespect your choice not to believe in anything or have a different set of beliefs. As long as you respect the religion of your Brazilian date, you will not have problems.

brazilian mail order bride

Best qualities of a Brazilian mail order bride

Discovering facts about the culture and religion of Brazilian girls for marriage is the perfect way to know what expect from dating them. However, it is also important to figure out the personal characteristics and qualities of these magnificent ladies. In this section, we are going to show all the best qualities of Brazil brides.

  • Beauty and passion. Girls from this country possess an exotic appearance. Tanned skin, large brown eyes, symmetrical faces, curvy figure, fit and healthy bodies, and luscious and silky dark hair can make anyone desire Brazilian brides! Lots of guys wish to marry a Brazilian woman solely because these women look like goddesses. And who can blame them?
  • Honest. These women value and respect honesty. They know that relationships, whether casual or long-term, should be based on trust. Brazilian girls seek online communication because local men are known to be quite dishonest and disloyal. Therefore, these women dream of meeting an American guy who can respect them and be open-hearted to them.
  • Confident. These girls are confident and know their prices. You will find communication with a lady from this country fascinating and unique. Your date will know that she is beautiful, smart, strong, and passionate. For many centuries, Brazilian women were oppressed by men. After years of pressure from society and inability to live in an equal and fair communities, these ladies realized that they needed to become stronger and more confident to stand up for themselves.
  • Active and easy-going. As we mentioned above, girls from this country enjoy active lifestyles. It is in their blood: dancing, singing, partying and enjoying life.
  • Religious. Ladies from this country are highly religious. It means that they live according to Christian values. Kindness, respect, forgiveness, and other Catholic virtues are a part of Brazil brides.

How do Brazilian mothers bring up their daughters?

Upbringing plays an important role in the development of a person. Relationships between a mother and a daughter are sacred. Brazilian mothers teach their girls everything, and it is quite useful to understand how such an upbringing can impact the way Brazilian brides view dating.

Based on the research, mothers in Brazil can be divided into two categories – ladies from large cities and women from small cities. Those brides who are brought up in large cities want their daughters to be self-confident and self-sufficient, content and happy, healthy and enjoying life, successful, and know how to adapt to any situation. The main factor that defines such a form of upbringing is autonomy – a Brazilian girl for marriage should rely on herself to be assertive and successful. Similarly, such women teach their daughters to strive for family life and developing skills needed to get along with a large group of people. Socialization is the essential skill that parents teach these girls.

The second group of mothers, who come from more rural areas of the country, are more oriented toward interdependence. In other words, girls from smaller cities are taught to be more dependable on other people, especially on the husband. The study also shows that mothers with higher education wish their children obtained education first and only then considered building a family or long-term relationships.

brazilian brunette woman

Stereotypes about Brazilian women

Brazil is a country with certain fame. Unfortunately, this fame is supported by stereotypes, misconceptions, and myths. Some of you may consider a Brazilian mail order bride an easy target because it is widely accepted to think that women from this country are eager to have sex with a stranger or foreigner. We want to debunk these myths and show you the most common stereotypes that prevent gorgeous and wonderful Brazilian girls for marriage from having real and serious relationships online!

  1. Brazil brides always want to have sex. This is a common myth that derives from the fact that sex tourism is incredibly popular and developed in Brazil. However, women who use online dating are not looking for casual relationships or one-night stands. They dream of finding a guy who can appreciate them not because they have sexy bodies, but for their personalities and qualities.
  2. All of them like dancing. Many women attend carnivals and festivals. A lot of them know how to dance professionally. However, it is quite rude and offensive to assume that your date is a dancer. You may ask your Brazilian girl for marriage whether she enjoys dancing since there is nothing wrong with asking such a question. However, make sure that it is not the first thing you ask.
  3. To have a date with a Brazilian lady you have to know Spanish. This is a common misconception among Western men. The official language in Brazil is not Brazilian or Spanish but Portuguese. Sure, they have plenty of similarities, but there are two different languages. Fortunately, almost all mail order brides in Brazil know English well.
  4. Having relationships with Brazilian women is like dating uneducated women. Brazil is an incredibly developed country with wonderful opportunities for women to enroll in any educational facility. Millions of young girls from this country pursue educational goals and want to find an interesting occupation.

Female celebrities from Brazil

To understand how many gorgeous and passionate Brazilian brides you can date, we have prepared a list of most famous female celebrities from this country! Enjoy!

Adriana Lima

A Brazilian model and actress, Lima is best known as Victoria’s Secret Angel. She represents the very essence of Brazilian women, a devoted Catholic, who has used her success to help other people. Lima does a lot of charitable work helping less fortunate people.

Gisele Bundchen

Another Brazilian model, activist, and businesswoman, Gisele Bundchen, was one of the highest-paid models in the world. She has worked with the world’s most reputable companies. She also devotes a substantial part of her earnings to philanthropy and charity.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Another famous supermodel and actress, Alessandra Ambrosio, was named the most beautiful and sexy woman of the world several times. She also worked with Victoria’s Secret as well as many other famous brands such as Armani, Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, and many other.

brazilian beautiful bride


So, now you know more about wonderful ladies from Brazil. Dating Brazilian women is easy via online communication because a lot of ladies are tired of constantly dishonest Brazilian guys and tourists who want nothing but sex from them. Brazilian brides are seeking honest and real relationships with a man who can appreciate these women not for their looks and sexiness but also their inner world and personal qualities.

We would highly recommend you to read the section about stereotypes once more since very often communication with mail order brides in Brazil goes wrong when a guy says something stereotypical or offensive. Just remember that you are communicating with real ladies who hate being objectified and sexualized. A lady wants you to see her as a woman with a great personality and not as a sexual object.