Russian Girls For Marriage: What Is The Secret?

Women from this country are demanded among Western guys, and it is not a secret. We will share with why these girls want to marry foreign guys, the price for a Russian bride, tips on how to marry a lady from this country, and much more information about Russian brides!

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Who are Russian wives and why do they seek international marriage?

The reasons for Russian girls for marriage to seek relationships with an American man can be various. According to the survey, the reasons to do so were the difficult economic situation in the country, low income, and the social degradation of Russian grooms. In 2016, 43.3% of women migrating to the United States were from Russia!

70% of all ladies seeking foreign marriage are 28 years old or older. They are educated, have no children, and 93% of all times have not been married before. Marriage migration is quite popular nowadays since online dating services offer fantastic tools for proper communication.

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How much does it cost to find a Russian wife?

The price of online communication with a Russian bride has been one of the most frequently asked questions. Finding a Russian mail order bride is relatively cheap and affordable. However, dating in-person and marrying may require a substantial amount of money. Let’s figure out just exactly how expensive finding a Russian wife is!

Communicating with a Russian girl for marriage online

The process of interaction with a woman from this country is quite flexible and not expensive. Most of the dating websites with Russian mail order brides that you can find, offer flexible prices for services. Usually, registration and browsing are free of charge, which allows you to take a closer look at a platform and consider its advantages and disadvantages without the need to pay anything.

Online dating services are not expensive – you can spend less than $100 per month and enjoy high-quality and diverse communication with many Russian brides. Some websites have a subscription-based system, allowing you to make one monthly payment and enjoy all the tools and options provided. The cost of such a subscription can vary from $10 to $30, depending on the website of your choice. Some websites implement the credit-based system, requiring you to purchase credits and spend them on services per se. For example, 1 instant message or virtual gift can cost 2 credits. These credits are sold in packs: 3 credits for $21 and 100 credits for $399. Of course, different sites will have different price range and the correlation between credits and options.

Travel expenses

Most of you probably desire to have real-life relationships with your future Russian wife. Dating platforms will help you organize everything needed to transport your date to your country or to meet her in Russia, but such options are not cheap. You will need to pay for everything: airfare tickets, accommodation, meals, clothes, and anything else that may be needed. Two tickets to Moscow and back can cost around $1000-$1,500. A hotel can cost around $60 per night. Meals are relatively cheap in Russia – around $25-50 per day. So get ready to spend another couple of thousands.

Bureaucratic costs

It is also worth mentioning that marrying a woman from Russia requires hiring an immigration lawyer – additional $2000-$3000. Get ready to provide a huge amount of documents to get your lady the Green Card and prove that your relationships are real and honest.

Overall costs

It is impossible to predict the exact costs of marrying a woman from Russia. As you may see, online dating is incredibly cheap – one can spend less than $100 and enjoy exceptional communication with thousands of Russian women for marriage. However, dating in-person and paying for all the bureaucratic costs can be highly expensive. On average, men who married women from this country spent up to $30,000 including a small but fancy wedding.

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The upbringing of Russian mail order brides: how does it affect dating?

Upbringing plays an important role in the way Russian brides date men. Girls are taught to be good housewives and have to learn all the skills needed to be a wonderful homemaker. However, plenty of Russian girls for marriage are also eager to find an interesting career or pursue some other goals.

As we have just mentioned, the majority of women from this country are taught valuable skills and lessons to become great housewives. In particular, mothers and grandmothers of Russian brides play a significant part in passing the knowledge and experience to younger generations. A girl’s mother will teach her daughter how to cook, clean the house, take care of future kids, and some other invaluable skills that any housewife needs.

Russian women for marriage are also taught to respect their men and be supportive and faithful. The essential family values are learned from early age, so a Russian bride knows the significance of the family connection and strives to find a man to build a happy and strong family.

Nevertheless, it is paramount to say that education also plays an important role in the upbringing of Russian mail order brides. In particular, one can say that not all ladies from this country are eager to become housewives. 94% of the adult population has an upper secondary education, according to the OECD reports. Women in Russia are more educated than men, although the difference is not that significant. Russian brides also lead in tertiary education – more than 57% of girls from this country hold at least one degree.

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Tips on dating a Russian girl for marriage

Having a date with a Russian wife requires certain preparation. We have covered everything so that you do not waste your time searching for such information. Check out the tips on how to date Russian wives and have excellent time communicating with them.

  • Do not be afraid of making jokes. Russian mail order brides have an excellent sense of humor. The ability to make your bride laugh is incredibly useful and effective. There is no quicker way to a woman’s heart than by making her laugh. A man with a good sense of humor is a man who is smart, witty, and quick to act. However, under no circumstances should you tell vulgar or rude jokes. Russian girls would enjoy more sophisticated jokes based on irony, sarcasm, and wordplay.
  • Show that you are a gentleman. Traditions and rituals in relationships play a valuable role in Russian culture. Girls enjoy when men know the customary dating practices of courtship and would note how polite and kind you are. Even the smallest compliment can make your date like you even more. Compliment how feminine and gracious your lady is, and you will win over your Russian bride!
  • Show respect toward her culture and family. It is a universal tip that works regardless of your bride’s ethnic or cultural background. If you want to have a great time with a Russian mail order bride, make sure that you learn a few things about Russian culture. We would advise you to read about classic Russian writers such as Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, and Esenin. Also, be sure to ask a few questions about your bride’s family. By doing so, you can show that you are interested in your bride’s life as well as know the importance of family connection, which is highly important for a Russian girl for marriage.
  • Act confidently. Online communication can be stressful, in particular during the first dates. However, you should make sure that you act confidently and look like a man who knows what he wants. Try to focus on your voice and questions. You may prepare a few questions in advance and practice to sound confident.
  • Avoid discussing politics or religion. Politics is something that should be avoided in any case. You do not need to shift your conversation into another line – focus on your date and ask her personal questions.

Russia is the largest country in the world. So you find plenty of large cities where online dating is widely popular. We want to share with you a few things about most common cities with Russian girls for marriage!

  1. Moscow. The capital of Russia is the most populous city in the country. Lots of girls that you will find online will be from Moscow. It is an incredibly developed city in terms of economy and culture.
  2. St. Petersburg. This city is believed to be the cultural center of Russia. People here are incredibly educated, polite, and sophisticated. The harsh climate and few sunny days is one of the main reasons for women from St. Petersburg to seek a foreign husband.
  3. Novosibirsk. This city is considered the capital of Siberia. It is a city of numerous ethnicities, religions, and cultures. Brides from Novosibirsk are open-minded and eager to travel and communicate with new people.
  4. Krasnodar. Located in the South of the country, Krasnodar is Russian Los Angeles. It is a sunny and warm city and a popular tourist center. Girls here are incredibly easy-going, fun, and open-minded!
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Why should you consider choosing online dating?

It is not a secret that the online dating industry has immensely gained popularity over the last decade. Nowadays, millions of guys and girls seek each other via online communication. If you wonder what the benefits of seeking a Russian mail order bride are, we can show them to you.

It is convenient and effective

The major benefit of online dating is that you do not need to go to Russia to find a bride. You can sit on your couch at home, drinking whiskey or beer, and chatting with a dozen lovely and beautiful women from this country. The number of girls using dating agencies is also a major plus since you are not limited in your search. You can find any woman you want as long as you spend enough time and effort doing so!

It is affordable

We have covered it earlier that online dating is affordable. Indeed, you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on online communication. Whether it is a monthly subscription or a site with a credit-based system, the overall cost of communicating with a Russian wife is going to be quite small. Of course, in case you wish to marry your woman, you will need to spend a substantially larger amount of money.

Mail order bride marriages are more successful

According to the study conducted by Robert J. Scholes, marriages arranged with the help of online dating services would appear to have a lower divorce rate than the nation as a whole. More than 80% of couples married through online dating services have lasted longer than marriages arranged through traditional methods.