Filipino Bride: How Can We Help You Find Her?

The main goal of this article is to provide you with relevant and updated information about Philippine mail order brides. Also, here you will see how to have a flawless date with Philippine girls for marriage!

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We are going to give you a few facts about how a Philippine mail order bride views family, relationships, and sex. We will share the latest statistical data about Philippine marriages. We will tell a few things about the cultural and religious backgrounds of Philippine wives and what impact they have on online dating.

Views on family, online relationships, and sex

Starting relationships online requires understanding who your dates are and what qualities they have. An average Philippine girl for marriage uses online dating services to find a husband. Let’s take a look at how women from this country view online dating, marriage, and sexual relationships.

mail order wife from philippines

Online dating and relationships

Girls from this country use online dating with one goal – to start a family. Most of them have high hopes of meeting a man who can appreciate their beauty, loyalty, and passion. Although online dating is also a place for casual communication, most Philippine mail order brides want to have serious and real relationships that have the future. Often, a wife from the Philippines would spend a lot of time before she agrees to marry a man because she needs to be absolutely sure that it is her ideal soulmate.


Family is the fundamental and inseparable part for Philippine women for marriage. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, 20% of families are female-headed. However, one can that the majority of brides regard males as the head of the family as up to 80% of the families are male-headed. Family always comes at first place for ladies from this country, and you can be sure that your wife is going to devote herself to making your family as happy as possible.


Philippines brides are exceptionally sexual and passionate. They do not view sex as a way to become closer to a man. Sex is the continuation of communication with the husband. A Philippine woman for marriage will agree to have sex with a man only if she believes that he is the one.

Statistics on Philippine marriages

Discussing marriages with Philippines brides, it is always a great idea to analyze the current marriage statistics and trends.

What is the average age for a Filipino bride to get married?

More than 30% of all girls from this country get married between ages 25-29. 25% of all brides get married between 20-24 years old. Grooms are often older, but this is a universal trend.

Yes, they are. Almost 4% of all marriages in 2017 were intermarriages, and since then, the number of Philippine girls marrying foreign guys has increased. Women from this country prefer grooms from the United States and Japan. American guys are the most popular among Philippine wives.

filipino bride

Culture and religion of the Philippines and how they impact online dating?

It is paramount for a man from the United States to learn the cultural and religious differences of Philippine mail order brides before thinking about dating them. Finding out what to expect from your Philippine girl for marriage is useful to understand your girl’s needs. Furthermore, it is a great way to show her that you are interested in her life and want to learn about her country and culture more. Let’s take a look at cultural and religious peculiarities that make Filipina brides so different.

Family always comes first

If the family needs help, a Filipino bride will always be there to support. Whether it is the closest member of the family or a distant relative, a person will be treated as a family member and provided with everything needed. Learning about this quality is important in case you want to marry a woman from this country. If you have such intentions, you should get ready to meet a countless number of relatives. You will be welcomed in the new family and all your wife’s relatives will become yours.

Strong community spirit

Girls and boys in the Philippines are taught to be helping, selfless, and generous. If a person needs assistance, you can be sure that a Filipino will give this person a helping hand. Helping other people without expecting anything in return is an important cultural peculiarity that defines the Philippine individuals. If you want to win over your Philippine mail order bride, try to show her that you are also a generous and selfless person.

Easy-going and active

Philippine girls for marriage love to party. There are plenty of local celebrations, festivals, and events held specifically to enjoy life, dance, and have a great time. Different regions of the Philippines may have different festivals, which is why it would be difficult to remember a few of them. Just be ready that your Philippine woman for marriage will be active and easy-going!

Philippine wives are religious

Religion plays an essential role in the lives of Filipina brides. 92% of the population in the country is Christian. One can agree that it is easier for an American man to date, marry, and live with a Christian woman. Usually, families go to church every Sunday. However, it should be noted that people from the Philippines are quite open-minded and not discriminative. They would never argue with a person of a different religion or disrespect you for not believing in anything.

Philippine women for marriage are responsible

Plenty of young Filipino girls are taught to be responsible from an early age. Obtaining an education and finding employment is as important as finding a matching and loving husband. 93.5% of women in the country are employed, and almost 50% of those women are 25 years old. The problem of illiteracy in the Philippines was serious a few decades ago. Now, 9 out of 10 female adolescents are functionally literates. Moreover, more than half of enrollees at higher educational facilities were Filipino women.

filipino beautiful woman

What to do and what to avoid on a date with a Philippine girl for marriage

Strangely, but we are often asked how to have a perfect date with a girl from this country. A lot of men have no idea how to have an ideal date with a Filipino bride. Since so many guys have difficulties with dating Philippine girls for marriage, we decided to come up with a shortlist of tips and warnings that will help you have a flawless date!

  • Be romantic and gentleman-like. Like any other woman, a Philippine mail order bride expects you to be a real man – a man who knows how to communicate with a woman, make compliments, and be attentive and polite. To be honest, this is common sense advice. You may browse a few compliments online or look up what it means to be a gentleman. Your Philippine woman for marriage will not expect from you something supernatural – she just wants to be respected and loved.
  • Respect the culture and religion. You may already understand that there are a few differences between American and Philippines cultures. Even if you have a different opinion on some subjects, the most important thing you need to do is to respect the traditions of other cultures and nations. Never make fun of rituals that your bride may tell you about. Not only you will make fun of something that your Philippine woman cares about deeply, but you will just look like a jerk.
  • Avoid discussing politics. This is another common-sense advice. You should never consider discussing politics with a mail-order bride, in particular when it comes to your first dates. Of course, sometimes, a lady may be so interesting and sophisticated that you would want to have a conversation on a more profound topic. However, such cases are rare. The goal of online dating is to learn about your date as much as possible. Just ask your woman personal questions and avoid politics.
  • Do not be too pushy. Although Philippine women for marriage enjoy dating confident and strong men, you should know your limits. Never assume that your communication will lead to something sexual or intimate. You have to respect your woman’s freedom and choices. If she needs more time to get used to you, give her that time or politely tell her that you would like to communicate with another Philippine mail order bride.

Pros and cons of dating Philippines brides

In this section, we are going to demonstrate everything that we have gathered about Philippine mail order brides. We believe that to date a woman from this country, one should know both good and bad things that can happen during your communication. Knowing what to expect is the way to avoid challenges and difficulties!


  1. Family-oriented. It should be noted that divorces are not allowed in the Philippines, which means that people think twice before marrying each other. It is also vital to assume that girls have wonderful role models – they can learn so much by looking at their parents. Indeed, women from this country are family-oriented and wish to meet a man worthy of creating a family.
  2. Speak fluent English. English is the second official language in the Philippines. According to the Philippine National Statistics Office, more than 63% of Filipinos over the age of 5 reported an ability to speak English. There will be absolutely no problems for you to communicate with brides from this country. It is a wonderful advantage since the majority of Asian brides have problems with English.
  3. Absolute beauty. Only Philippine women have won all five of the most reputable beauty pageants. Such an achievement is a great factor that can show you how gorgeous and talented women from this country are!


  1. Hard to get. Sometimes, it may be quite challenging for a Western man to enjoy first dates with a woman from this country. She may act quite shyly and coldly. However, do not take it personally as all Philippine brides act in such a way in most cases. You just need to be more patient.
  2. Too religious. Since religion plays such an important role, mostly all Philippine women for marriage are going to be religious. In case you have difficulties with accepting such a worldview, it may be a serious obstacle for you.
filipino mail order bride

How to find your perfect Filipino bride?

Lastly, we would like to offer you an opportunity to figure out the very principle of online dating and how it works. In a nutshell, mail order bride services are incredibly simple and effective at the same time.

The first thing you need to do is to select an open and trustworthy dating website. Choose carefully because there are plenty of scam websites and dishonest platforms. To avoid being scammed, read reviews, and look for websites that are ranked online. Once you choose a site with Philippine wives, you need to create an account. Try to approach this task creatively – the more information you provide, the better your dating experience will be. Upload a fun or interesting photo, write a few sentences about your life and goals, and make sure to show the best qualities of your character!

Once everything is done, you are free to go and meet your perfect Philippine girl for marriage. You can use searching and matchmaking tools or simply look for an ideal date manually. Most of the websites offer intuitive and self-explanatory interfaces and design, so you would not have problems how to start a conversation with your woman.