Women from Asia are some of the most sought after women in terms of marriage and dating. They are gorgeous, sexy and have for sure a very special and unique charm. For this reason, men are overall attracted to them and look for websites such as AsiaCharm to get in touch with some of them.

The first step in the process of connecting with these women is the most important and, frankly, the most tricky part as it’s a full-fledged try to find the right avenue for meeting one of these wonderful women.

This Asia Charm review will help you understand all you need to be aware of this platform and everything that it offers you. Moreover, it will assist you to make an informed decision later if you decide to seek your soulmate with the help of AsiaCharm.

Asia Charm is a prominent online dating service that offers to men from all around the world the opportunity of meeting gorgeous women from the Orient or Asian countries either for marriage or for a serious relationship as a start. Asia Charm is rapidly becoming one of the top providers for online dating services since its inception in 2013.

With average monthly traffic of about fifty thousand people, the chances of finding whatever you are looking for increase considerably. You will fore sure find that here.

First Impression

The landing page of the website is very simplistic and elegant. Its minimalist design does not overwhelm you with tons of distracting information. Once on the main page, you get the opportunity to sign up for the service for free. Then, let’s down the page to get more information about Asia Charm’s data policies and their certification, which is a must as regards data protection, something the developers of the service watch very seriously.

How Do You Make a Start with Your Profile?

Setting up a profile on our Asia Charm platform is relatively easy and quick. All you have to do is provide basic personal data such as:

  • Your name
  • Your interests (men or women)
  • Your date of birth
  • Email address for account verification purposes
  • Finally, choosing a password to secure your account

Also, you will have to tick the box agreeing that you read and understood the terms of use of the service. This is all standard information. The “Interests” section of the form only lists heterosexual choices and the service has an age limit of course of 18 years old.

Details of yourself like your own age and name will be available for other singles interested in your profile to view. Paid customers get the opportunity to start chatting with other singles immediately whilst free subscription members have to wait for a bit.

How Do You Search and Sort Between Profiles?

Profiles and candidates on the site can be sorted through a search function.

You get the option to sort them by:

  • Their online status
  • Your preferred age range
  • Profiles that have been validated (to prevent catfishing)

The deeper search function allows you sort profiles based on interests, appearances and other preferred criteria.

How Do You Communicate?

Asia Charm works with PPL which stands for Pay Per a Letter method which simply means that instead of paying a lump sum for a month, you only pay per message to the persons you are interested in. This system is great for people who do not actively use the communication feature.

Communication options on the platform include:

  • Video calls
  • Instant messaging and texts

If a lady is interested enough to give you her contact details, then you may move on to regular SMS and even calls.

Asia Charm reports how many women are looking for your profile. As an example, while making this review seventy-five percent of the users are Asian women looking for my profile, this is great news for the male users as there will be a ton of women to choose from.

Does Service Have a Mobile App?

Asia Charm currently does not have a mobile app out for any platform; however, they have opted to optimize the mobile browsing experience. Therefore, even though there is no app, you can still connect to your account seamlessly across all your devices.

Free Version Restrictions

While signing up and starting using this service is free, the basic package is severely limited to profile consulting and fleshing out and editing your profile, send and respond to invitations to chat, send and receive teasers, add and delete other users from your friends list, and a complimentary service that sends you matches to you email. Actual interaction with other users is strictly restricted to paying customers.

What Does A Paid Membership Offer?

Being a paid member, on the other hand, gives you access to the full range of all services available, which include:

  • Chat and text
  • Instant messaging
  • Video calls
  • Sending virtual presents
  • Sending real gifts and even flowers
  • Sending and receiving unlimited teasers
  • Being placed on the priority list

Not a bad selection, yeah?

You pay in advance for credits to be able to use any of the above services. You get the choice of buying twenty, fifty and one hundred and twenty-five credits, costing ten dollars, twenty-nine dollars and sixty-five dollars respectively.

Payment options are limited to credit card only, it makes sense since it is an online service. Remember the certifications we discussed earlier? This is where they are important, to protect your online data including your financial details.

You would not want to expose yourself to online hackers while in pursuit of true love online.

Honestly, the best things about this service are only accessible by being a paid user, so if you want to fully enjoy Asia Charm, it would be best to opt for Premium User status right at the beginning.

Pros And Cons of AsiaCharm

Like with any other service it is often a good idea to weigh the good versus the bad when you are considering whether to purchase it or not. So here are the pros and cons to AsiaCharm to help you make an informed decision:


  • There is a large collection of Asian singles for you to meet.
  • They have top-notch security such as McAfee to help secure your data.
  • Most of the women on the site do not speak English. However, they have a great support system and they offer great translation services.
  • The registration process is short, easy and you get to start with a free version as a proof of product.
  • They have a varied selection of means of communication including text and video.
  • You can easily tell which profiles are “Validated” or not.
  • The site works great on any browser and is not plagued by spamming links or adverts like most other sites.
  • You get unrestricted access to view photos and videos of women on the service as a premium member.
  • The users on the site are very active. You would not run the risk of wasting your credits trying to communicate with women who have not been online for long periods.


  • You only get the best out of this service if you are a paid user.
  • They do not offer services beyond the initial online meeting.
  • No free trial period available to properly assess the full range of service.
  • Video calls are costly on the site.
  • You only get to talk with any girl you are interested in after filling out some extra forms.
  • There is no dedicated mobile app.

Customer Support

Asia Charm offers 24/7 customer support, with support specialists willing to answer any question you may have about the service, the website, and its offerings. They also provide translation services for lovers with a language barrier.

They try to optimize the user experience of all their customers by:

  • Moderating and proper screening of applicants from risky countries.
  • Validating profile descriptions and media content, such as photos and videos, uploaded by users, ensuring that they do not violate community standards.
  • Deactivating accounts of users who try to disrespect other users on the platform, ignoring rules of service.
  • Making sure to prevent fraud on any online transaction by requesting a means of identification to verify online purchases by credit card.


AsiaCharm was brought online 7 years ago and since then has made sure to improve on its service delivery, making it easier for interested singles to meet and start a relationship. So if you are looking for a great platform to meet and talk with hot single Asian women, Asia Charm is a great place to start, with its large catalog, excellent customer support services, and a great range of prices for everyone.

A little warning though, online scammers are still a possibility on these dating sites, so it would be prudent to be cautious and take precautions against online fraud.